Trump to just build half a wall


Donald Trump will most likely build just half a wall on the US Mexico border instead of a whole one according to sources close to the President elect.

Speaking to a press conference Mr Trump denied that this was in any way a climb down having suddenly been presented with facts.

“It’s not a u turn. In fact I am the least likely to perform a U turn out of any president you will ever meet. And this is ground breaking. If we build half a wall then it will still stop 50% of Mexican immigrants coming through. Because wherever they decide to cross, there will be a 50% chance that there will be a wall there and they won’t be able to. And I’m not going to tell you which half of the border will have the wall on it either” He told us.

“And it’s going to cripple the drugs trade too. Because there’ll only be able to get drugs through where there isn’t a wall and not where there is a wall and that means 50% less drugs coming through.” He explained.

“And I might even build a wall along the entire border but just build the top half. I’m just going to keep you guessing.” He added.

The compromise has reportedly gone down well with the Mexican Government who have surprisingly agreed to pay for the half where there isn’t a wall.


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