“Europe not safe” says Trump from safety of country with highest gun deaths

donaldtrumpety trump

Donald Trump has warned Americans to avoid travel to Europe and to stay put in the safety of a country that has more gun deaths than any other country in the western world.

Issuing a stark warning to European leaders Mr Trump “It’s not the same. We have Christian gun deaths. God wants us to shoot each other. That’s why freedom to bear arms is one of the ten commandments in the bible.

“Your problem is that you refuse to blame all Muslims for the action of an isolated pocket of psychopaths. I blame all Muslims and do we get any terrorism?  Well admittedly quite a bit, but they’ll all be sorry when I come down on hard on a group of people that had nothing to do with it.

“Terrorists over here know that we’re far more likely to shoot them, because we spend so much time shooting each other. So you can only make Europe safer by making it more dangerous.

“And you can quote facts at me, but that’s no more valid than me just making things up.”

Many Europeans, who up until Mr Trump’s warnings had felt they were largely living in peaceful countries with virtually no gun deaths and only isolated pockets of terrorist violence, have come together to thank Mr Trump for his warnings.

“He’s so clever. I really hope he becomes president.” One told us.


  1. Nice try but you can’t say anything that is sillier than the stuff the man really does say.(and seems to believe)

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