David Cameron’s cat 8th on Sunday Times rich list

david cameron's cat

Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to discuss the apparent wealth of his cat as publicised today in the Sunday Times rich list arguing that it is a private matter.

Speaking this morning on the Marr show Mr Cameron said “Obviously I might have helped him open the accounts. He’s a cat. Does he pay tax? Of course not. He’s a cat. Do I have full access to his accounts? Obviously I do, he’s a cat.

“Are these funds mentioned on my tax returns? They’re not my funds, they’re my cat’s.This is a ridiculous line of questioning.

“Do I benefit in any way personally? Well I am fortunate enough to have a very generous cat. And any gifts from my feline companion would not be taxable unless he dies in the next 7 years and by that I mean cat years, before I would have to pay any inheritance tax which I wouldn’t anyway because there is nothing in British taxation law regarding inheritance tax and cats.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said that only an immediate exit from the EU would prevent any future suspicions of feline fiscal fiddling.

“I may have lent some money to my dog who pays me back by way of 3 separate Eastern European countries meaning that the tax man has to give me money. But I haven’t got a cat. And that’s why I’m like breath of fresh air.” He explained.


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