Jeremy Hunt to go on strike

Jeremy Hunt on strike

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt is set to go on strike imminently having balloted himself earlier on today.

Speaking to John Humprys on the Today programme Mr Hunt said that the time for talking had passed and Junior Doctors were just going to have to survive without his non-evidence based meddling.

“See how you get on without my policy changes based on deliberately misrepresented statistics and attempts to sell the NHS to the highest bidding American health Corporation. I’m fed up of being taken for granted.” He warned.

The planned strike involving Mr Hunt and a placard  has not gone down well in all camps, with the Daily Mail’s Richard Littlejohn suggesting that the Health Secretary stop whinging and gets back to work.

“Quite frankly he’s being irresponsible. If anyone dies as a result of him taking a day off from systematically destroying the NHS for personal profit then the blame will be laid firmly at his door.” He explained.

One Consultant told us that hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries would pull the stops out to try and somehow mitigate the effect of such a tragic loss to the service.

“People may not choose to even use the service on that day. But then there’ll be a rush of people wanting year on year growth at the expense of life expectancy and we’ll be glad Mr Hunt is back.”

In other news some Doctors are having a bit of a strike too.

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