Justin Bieber to back leave campaign

justin bieber

The campaign for Britain to remain in the EU has suffered another setback today following news that Justin Bieber has thrown his weight behind the leave campaign.

“I’m so passionate about it I almost changed my name to Justin Leaver” He explained.

Speaking from his boat chugging up and down the Thames, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said “It’s one in the eye for the remain lot. Who have they got anyway? Stephen Hawking? Barack Obama? Every single economist in the world? It’s not Bieber is it?”

Indeed, the support of Mr Bieber could well be a game changer, with the manufactured popsmith commanding a fan base of millions who have already changed their names from Beliebers to Beleavers.

One fan told us “I’m with Justin every step of the way, and if he says vote leave, I will. Or at least I would if I wasn’t American and twelve.”

Many fans have hit back angrily at claims that the same alleged net saving from leaving the EU has been pledged over and over again for a variety of different causes in order to dupe voters, whilst not taking into account the potential catastrophe in lost revenue from leaving such a large free marketplace.

“If Justin says the figures add up then that’s good enough for me. He’s brilliant. I love him.” One explained.

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