MPs who voted for Iraq war rebel against half arsed referendum saboteur

labour no confidence

Labour MPs who voted for the Iraq war have come out in force to rebel against their leader who couldn’t be arsed to win a referendum, probably for that reason but certainly nothing to do with his plans to put Tony Blair on trial for war crimes.

Corbyn, who will be sure of a majority in the next leadership contest, as long as he didn’t just monumentally cock up the EU referendum, has said he will not stand down until there is a vote of all members, preferably one that takes into account people’s opinions two weeks ago, before he monumentally cocked up the EU referendum.

Angela Eagle (not a real eagle) said that under new leadership Labour might be able to prevent the unmitigated financial disaster caused by BREXIT.

“All we ask in return is that we turn the Labour party back into a corporate plastic sound bite factory with basically the same policies as the Tories with occasional twinges of conscience to appease members. Andy Burnham has just been left hanging motionless from a coathanger like the puppet in the film Magic. But we can crank him up again.” She explained.

One Labour member said “I’m looking forward to the vote. Hopefully there’ll be an option for them all to fuck the fuck off. Preferably via some sort of circus cannon without a safety net.”

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