Armchair pundit called Gavin announced as new England Manager

new england manager

Plucked from obscurity in a surprise move by the FA, Gavin Moth is set to become a household name after being announced as the replacement for Roy Hodgson, who resigned last night.

In an unprecedented departure from their normal recruitment process, Gavin came to the attention of the FA via a Twitter campaign, #Gav4Manager, which was started by one of his followers when Gavin claimed he could have done better than Roy.  The hashtag was soon trending with the proposal tapping into the anti establishment feeling which was witnessed during the EU referendum last week.

Although Gavin has no formal management experience, he often outperforms his friends on Football Manager and coached an under 10’s team 5 years ago, leading them to third place in their league.  In announcing his appointment the spokesman for the FA said “his qualifications are no worse than the Icelandic manager who beat England last night, so what have we got to lose? Gavin seems very confident he can do better than Roy so let’s give him a chance.”

Rumours that there are no prospective candidates from the world stage willing to take on the England team after their lacklustre performance in the European championship were quashed. “There are plenty of candidates to choose from, I expect” confirmed the spokesman for the FA.

Gavin went live on Facebook to say he was “shocked but looking forward to the challenge”.  One of Gavin’s friends Steve confirmed to us that he was actually shitting it.

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