Jeremy Hunt to stand for labour leadership

jeremy hunt labour leadership

Jeremy Hunt has announced that he will throw his hat into the ring to challenge Jeremy Corbyn in the forthcoming leadership contest.

Speaking from outside his campaign headquarters, Mr Hunt denied that his position of secretary of State for health in a conservative Government would disadvantage him in stealing the top job from Mr Corbyn.

“Look at Boaty McBoatface! Look at BREXIT!  Who says I can’t get voted in? Especially if I grow a beard.

“You want a lurch to the right? Maybe someone a little more intolerant of other races and people with disabilities, I’m your man. And I can fuck up the NHS just like Tony Blair.And at least you’ve heard of me. I mean who the fuck is Angela Eagle?” He explained.

The decision has had the full support of Prime Minister David Cameron “I’ll vote for him. I think I’m still a temporary member of the Labour party myself or something like that. Either way I paid £3 last year and voted Jeremy Corbyn in. We all did.” He told us.

Mr Hunt’s decision to stand has already proved popular with many disenfranchised labour voters sick of being labelled racist just because they hold racist views.

“I like Jeremy because he tells it like it is. The others don’t tell it like it is but he does. He’s like a breath of fresh air. He’s just like us.That’s because he tells it like it is.” One Labour member told us.

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