Parents fury as son sent home from school for Oompa-Loompa attire


Angry parents have today slammed the decision of their son’s headmaster to send him home from school simply because he was dressed up as an Oompa-Loompa, as ludicrous and akin to the actions of Adolf Hitler on a bad day.

Mr and Mrs O’Fincklestein from  Buckinghamshire were initially delighted that their son Romford had gained a place at nearby Aylesbury Grammar school, but described that delight turning to despair and then incandescent rage following their son having been sent home at the beginning of every day in the new term.

Speaking from outside the school where both parents were dressed up as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters by way of solidarity, Mrs O’Fincklestein said “Our son can’t be packaged and put into a box just to appease some educational institution that has no concept of his inner soul. It’s like trying to tell me I can’t go to supermarkets in my pyjamas. In any event, they sent him home a day earlier when he wasn’t dressed like an Oompa-Loompa so they’re clearly making it up as they go along.”

Aylesbury Grammar school Head Master Mark Sturgeon said that he felt not the slightest bit of guilt regarding his decision and would most likely make the same decision again.

“We operate a strict policy on uniform. But so far this term Romford has arrived at school dressed as a vampire, a gimp and a Victorian lady of the night. This obviously won’t do and we believe ourselves to be well within our rights to demand he toes the line.”

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