Waitress “unable” to exchange tomato for extra sausage on full English

Waitress Filling Coffee In Cup From Machine At CafeThe Equality and Human Rights Commission has reported one of the worst cases of Disability discrimination following the sad tale of a waitress with afflictions so severe that she was unable to exchange tomato for an extra sausage on the menu of a full English breakfast.

One eye-witness told us “I was told that not only this particular waitress but everyone else in the cafe was unable to make such an exchange. As an able-bodied man I offered to change the sausage and the tomato over myself, and when that was refused, probably through pride, I almost doubted that she was actually disabled. I feel guilty now.”

Indeed Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has promised extra funding for those afflicted by an inability to swap one item on a breakfast menu for another without having to add a £1.25 surcharge.

“It’s one thing if they don’t want to do it, but imagine being unable to. I’d hate to be physically incapable of changing mushrooms for hash browns or black pudding for an extra rasher of bacon. These people need our help.”

Former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said “This just proves my point. Despite this terrible affliction, which is rife if throughout the cafe and restaurant industry, this plucky lady has got off her arse and got into work rather than trying to live a life on benefits. That Daniel Blake should take a leaf out of her book.”

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