“Next time we’ll elect someone even worse” promise US voters


US voters have promised that they will vote in someone even worse at the 2020 presidential elections if Donald Trump’s reforms fail to make America great again.

“He oughta be alright. He’s racist, misogynistic and he mocks people with disabilities. And he thinks everyone should be armed to the teeth. So that should bring world peace and improve the economy. But if it doesn’t we’ll just have to find someone worse”  One supporter called Chuck told us.

Indeed concerns are already emerging amongst US citizens that despite his vows to blame a lower standard of living on Muslims, Mt Trump might actually prove to be part of the establishment, leaving them no option but to vote for the next host of TVs The Apprentice. Or his son. Or someone even more unpleasant.

One already disheartened Trump voter said “It’s kinda worrying he hasn’t built that wall yet. It doesn’t even look like he’s started on it. I guess he has to get rid of all the commie healthcare first.

“But what we really need is someone frothing at the mouth who will defend us against all immigrants with his giant penis crafted in the shape of an AK47.  The moment Trump gets into power he starts saying superficially nice things. And he hasn’t even pressed the button yet. Weak.”


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