Trump to keep an open mind on gravity


The Donald Trump administration will keep an open mind on the concept of gravity, following  concerns from the President elect that Newton’s laws may just be misinformation most likely started off by the Chinese.

“So called scientists keep saying that they’ve got proof of gravity but these are the same people who think they can prove climate change. All this climate change research is done in the summer when it’s warm. And God decides what goes up and down, not this gravity.”

Indeed, Mr Trump has already commissioned his own research into the phenomena which has challenged conventional thinking with some startling questions

“I’m not saying there definitely isn’t a gravity but if everything is stuck to the ground, how do we explain birds? What about clouds? How about the moon? And if gravity is real how do cable cars work? I see these flaws because I look at things more thinkfully.” He explained.

One excited Trump supporter told us “He’s going to make America great again. We’re all going to be able to fly. Just hope them Mexicans don’t fly over the wall he now isn’t building.”

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