Brexiters welcome new influx of immigrants from around the world


Brexiters have come together to welcome the new influx of immigrants from around the world that they voted for by opting out of the European single market

“It turns out that any trade deal we do with any country is going to want free movement of people as a condition. Well at least it’s a different set of immigrants to get upset over. And a change is as good as a rest.” One Brexiter told us.

Indeed, the mood amongst many Brexit voters is one of excitement as Britain frantically makes new trade deals with anyone that will entertain the idea.

“We’re finally free of conditions imposed as part of the EU. And now we’re going to be subject to a completely new list of conditions imposed by different countries we trade with but this time set up far more quickly and with a lot less thought” Another jubilant Brexiter explained.

“And we’re going to have to literally climb into Donald Trump’s arse in order to beg for a trade deal which will effectively make us the 51st state of the USA with lower food standards and consumer protection. But it’s one in the eye for the EU. We’ve got our country back.”

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has also reported a high degree of Islamic countries keen to strike a deal in return for free movement and a obviously a few cultural changes from the British side. “It’s great news for Ukippers and Daily Mail readers alike . We’ll finally be rid of  European immigrants. But we’re going to have to build a lot more mosques” He chuckled.



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