Public fury as woman wins case not to find Mrs Brown’s boys funny


Campaigner Gina Miller has won a landmark case not to find Mrs Brown’s Boys funny, depsite the fact that it was voted Britain’s best comedy by the British public.

“I know some people voted for it, but lets be honest, it’s shit. And despite having death threats for such an opinion I’m glad I took it through the courts.”

Ms Miller was talking from behind bullet proof glass where a baying mob was demanding her arrest, torture and crucifixion.

“How dare the judiciary use an age old British legal framework to come to a decision that’s not my own opinion . We should make them only come to decisions I agree with.” One furious protester told us.

“It’s a joke. It’s an attempt to pervert the sovereign will of the people who have decided it’s the best comedy. Yes. The people have decided it’s funny and now you all have to sit there and watch it. All the time and never watch anything else.” Another told us

“It won. Deal with it. You do not have the right to critique it in anyway. You should watch it and force yourself to laugh even if you don’t find it funny. Otherwise you’re being unpatriotic. And a traitor.”

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Labour would respect any decision made by people who like shit comedy. “No-one in the Labour party likes it, they’d probably rather being watching Toast of London or something. But I always secretly have. So we’re going along with it, like populist tu’penny whores.” He explained.

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