Man sacked following revelations he never attended the school of hard knocks

school of hard knocks

A man has been sacked with immediate effect following the discovery that he never actually attended the University of life or the school of hard knocks as claimed in his interview.

Andy Geyser from Hemel Hempstead reportedly lied to his employers, friends from the pub and sometimes even complete strangers, meticulously threading a web of deceit to the extent that he himself thought it was true. It’s thought that he even had School of hard knocks listed under education on his Facebook profile.

Mr geyser’s former boss told us “If he’d just been honest and admitted he hadn’t spent much time in the education system rather than blathering on, proclaiming he went to some special academy of getting a slap or something, he’d have still got the job and we wouldn’t have had to sack him.

“We even gave him the benefit of the doubt and contacted the nearby sixth form college of been around a bit, for a list of graduates but no-one had heard of him. We’ll certainly be asking for certificates from now on.”

However, Mr Geyser has cast doubt on rumours of his current unemployment. “I’ve got a job. I’m Managing Director of the company of you don’t get to my age without picking up a few tricks.” He explained.


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