London House Prices back to normal now cereal shop shut

London House prices have this evening gone back to roughly the same as the rest of the country thanks to a group of plucky protesters who today assisted in shutting a breakfast cereal shop in Shoreditch. One protester told us that he felt a warm glow knowing that not only could people once again buy […]

Public relief as police start charging hipsters

Prolific hipster Anjem Choudary has appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court today in what is expected to be a long awaited crackdown on hipsters and hipster-like activity. The arrest of Mr Choudary and some of his hipster associates is thought to have coincided with a video showing him telling his audience to shun supermarket breakfast cereals […]

Putin denies Hipsters are really Russian special forces

The Russian Ambassador has been summoned to Downing street this morning amidst accusations that Britain’s recent infestation with hipsters is all part of Vladimir Putin’s plan to widen the power of the Kremlin and increase the scope of the Russian federation into Europe. Hipsters have been arousing suspicion from the public at large since their […]