People who’ll never earn £150k protest at potential tax hike for people who earn £150k

People who’ll never earn £150,000 a year have today vented their anger at Shadow Chancellor Eddie Balls who confirmed again today that a Labour Government would raise income tax to 50% for those earning over £150,000 per year. One protester told us “I don’t earn very much now but if I ever do I don’t […]

“We are mad swivel eyed loons” confirm grassroots Tory Activists

Conservative Party Co-chairman Lord Feldman has said he feels  ‘great relief’  today as the majority of grassroots party members have confirmed  “He’s absolutely right you know. We are mad, swivel-eyed loons”. Speaking at a hastily assembled press conference Lord Feldman admitted that at one point he thought he may have gone a bit far and […]