Protest group made up entirely of undercover officers

under cover police

The Metropolitan Police has been in the spotlight again as it transpires the notorious ‘Animal but not fish protection league’ which terrorised companies involved in the cooking, experimenting on and taking the piss out of animals but not fish, was in fact made up entirely of undercover police officers.

The undercover operation, the cost of which ran into tens of millions, ran between 1989 and 2008 and was so secret that officers were unaware that other members of the group were also in the police. During their time undercover many officers forged relationships, married and had children together, not realising that at no time did the group ever have a single genuine member.

20 years of covert activity came to a head when the group broke into an animal testing laboratory and began setting all the land based animals free and realised that they had forgotten to put on false moustaches and dark glasses. Knowing their identities would be picked up on CCTV the group all revealed their true identities and proceeded to attempt to arrest each other.

Home Secretary Theresa May issued the following statement: “We can’t comment on our operations as it would put our officers at risk. But I can confirm that due to a first rate Police operation this particular group was stopped in its tracks before anything serious happened.”

An officer who wished to keep his true identity hidden but was known undercover as the group’s leader, Mr Filet O’ Fish, told us “If it’s kept one criminal off the street then it wasn’t a wasted 20 years.”

There have been fears that a handful of officers involved in the operation may have ‘gone native’. A recent over night attack on a burger restaurant disabled all ovens apart from the one that cooks fish.

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