Eddie Shah to blame for abusing himself

eddie shah

Eddie Shah has controversially blamed himself for any occasions when he may have abused himself.

“There may have been nights when I have gone out actively seeking my own company. I mean look at the way I’m dressed. I’m clearly going to give myself the wrong idea or the right idea as the case may be.  If I then take myself to court I think any judge would agree that I can’t be blamed for my own actions.”

Mr Shah is commonly believed to be part of a secret inner circle involving only himself where he would throw lavish parties for himself with a mind to getting to know himself better. One source told us  “Mr Shah is quite impressionable and when being offered champagne and Ferrero rocher by himself he would clearly be quite impressed. And lets face it, if a rich tycoon type offers to whisk himself away to a tropical Island then you’re going to say yes. Or he is.  Even if it’s you that’s inviting you, I should imagine.”

“Eddie has to learn that when he tells himself no he means no.”

The outburst comes at the same time as historical revelations that Carry on film actor Sid James actually took out a court injunction against himself at one point. His former agent told us “He kept slapping himself on the arse and laughing. Though attitudes were laxer in the 1970s he was eventually ordered to keep his hands on his head and avoid ogling himself in mirrors.”

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