Sarah Palin taunts Piers Morgan with strangled panda

sarah palinSarah Palin has today made clear her intentions to continue the execution of non edible animals until such time that Piers Morgan backs down and concedes that guns aren’t dangerous.

The one time vice presidential nominee, subsequent darling of the Tea Party and daughter of Monty Python actor Michael Palin, has responded to a request to appear on Piers Morgan’s CCN show via Facebook where she sent him a picture of a recently garrotted panda. The panda picture came with a note “I’m sorry I can’t appear on your show Piers but you’ll only want to argue with me using words. Where I come from we like to argue by killing animals.”

A spokesman for Palin’s political action committee, Sarah PAC told us  “We don’t know what Piers thinks he’s playing at, coming over here and using verbal arguments. He might think guns are dangerous but he’s not going to convince Sarah Palin of that by using lots of different words arranged in a certain order.  If he would just bash a seal over the head with a club then she might have a little more respect for him.”

Surprisingly enough Morgan is said to be warming to Palin’s point of view. “I was very much opposed to everyone owning firearms but I’ve just purchased one myself and I didn’t realise how much fun they were. You can shoot things. And I’m beginning to think that the world would be a safer place if everyone had guns and fired them every day. But Sarah just needs to send me one more picture of a dead animal before I will  finally be convinced. Perhaps she could gas some woodland creatures.”



  1. Is this the same Sarah Palin who got a call from a man saying, ‘I’m Justin Timberlake,’ presumed that whomsoever was calling had only that moment arrived in Timberlake, Alsaka a town she had never heard of regardless?

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