Nigella’s ‘Not very hungry cook book’ set to be Christmas best seller


Nigella Lawson is set to top the charts of best selling books this Christmas with her latest literary offering ‘The not very hungry cook book’

“I wrote a lot of it in the London borough of Chingford. So I was originally going to  call it Ching food. But the ‘not very hungry cook book’ had a more wholesome family feel to it” she explained.

Each recipe starts with buying lots of ingredients for substantial meals like coq au vin or shepherds pie, and then for whatever reason deciding that you’re not actually that hungry and gradually scaling down the meal. Often it ends up with just having a king prawn on a belini or a canape with a glass of wine. Or sometimes just a glass of wine.

Nigella has also been in the news recently for allegedly taking a cocktail of prescription and illegal drugs, most famously a drug called Percy which offers one second of euphoria and two seconds of disappointment, and is highly addictive.

Estranged  husband Charles Saatchi  who recently hit the news for playfully strangling his wife, went on record to condemn the alleged actions. “Let me be quite clear that drug use is abhorrent to me. I’ve certainly never done it myself. Neither has anyone in the advertising industry. And certainly no-one in the City of London. ”

Nigella’s new television series “Do you know what, I’m not too fussed about eating shall we just have a drink and maybe a bit of a dance” is set to debut with a Christmas special later in the month.


  1. I must admit I snorted when I read this. Keep them coming; great stuff.

  2. Rumour is she’s bringing out a Christmas special: Cooking with Cocaine.

    ……..It’s gonna be a bit hit!

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