Farage “26 million Europeans are coming to look at your bum”

Nigel Farage again

A yes vote in a future referendum to stay in Europe could mean 26 million Europeans arriving at our shores with the sole intention of having a good look at your bum, according to United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage.

“There’s 26 million Europeans roaming the continent with the prime intention of looking at someone’s bum. If you don’t all vote to get out of Europe pretty sharpish then it could be yours.  It might not go down well with the chattering classes, but I’m the only political leader in Britain that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Apart from Prince Philip.”

According to Mr Farage, a  UKIP government would limit annual immigration to 50,000 with the proviso to withdraw visas should it turn out that rather than coming over to work, they have just come to look at someone’s bum.

One British worker told us that he lived in fear of either losing his job to a European immigrant or not losing his job and having multiple European immigrants queuing up to see his bum. “If I get up to go to work, they’re going to see my bum. If I deny them a look at my arse by not getting up to go to work they’re going take my job. They’ve got us by the balls.”

Liberal Democrat leader for the time being Nick Clegg accused Mr Farage of blatant fibbing and scaremongering.

“‘It’s yet another example of Nigel Farage thriving on misinformation and knee jerk reactions. I’m personally happy for all Europeans to come and look at my bum.”

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