Londoners cope with tube strike by way of cockney sing song


Commuters in London are all said to be upbeat today having coped with the first day of a two day tube strike by having a proper cockney sing song to lift their spirits.

The strike is in protest at measures announced by London Mayor Boris Johnson dispensing with the process where in order to commence a period of underground rail travel, a potential traveller must conduct a short interview with a man in an official uniform and offer him assurances that he will be undertaking his journey in a gentlemanly manner.

One cheerful commuter told us “It’s a very close knit community on the old ‘anal lube’ as we call it. We always have a good natter on our way to and from work. Everyone wants to know if you’ve had a good day. Coupled with that, someone always brings a piano. So we’re not going to let a lack of trains dampen our spirit.”

Another explained “Never mind there’s no trains. We’ve been marching right round the Circle line on our plates of meat doing the Lambeth walk. Have a banana mate. Took hours to get to work mind and half of us lost a day’s pay but that just reminds us of the days when we was poor but happy. Love a duck Mister.”

The acting general secretary of the RMT union, Mick Cash, said “The whole things a farce. We’re supposed to be bringing  the capital to it’s knees and instead it’s just one big Chas’n’Dave gig.”

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