“Go back to your own country” UKIP tell Roger Black

Roger Black UKIP

Former Olympic silver medallist Roger Black has been told to go back to his own country by UKIP candidates in yet another seemingly racially prejudiced gaffe by the one trick pony jingoistic bandwagon political group.

UKIP candidate Rozane Duncan said “We accept he was born here, went to school here and won Britain several medals in athletics. We just think he might be happier in a warm country.”

The news comes amidst calls from other UKIP candidates to send Terry Wogan back to Ireland and deport former weatherman Michael Fish for looking vaguely Belgian.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage  has assured critics that any candidates caught out being racist would be sacked and replaced with someone else with the same views. “Everyone’s making a mountain out of a mole hill. It’s nothing personal, particularly about Terry. I actually love Irish people and some of my best friends are Irish. I have a drinking buddy called Filet’O’Fish.  Michael Fish can do one back to the continent though. And so can Jools Holland.”

The revelations have surprisingly not decreased UKIPs popularity. One member of the public told us “UKIP are the only party who has the guts to stand up for us and understand what it’s like  in the real world. It’s all spiralling out of control. Only yesterday I went out shopping and saw a foreigner.”

UKIP have also recently made the news for suggesting that the entire town of Blackburn should go back to it’s own country. “We’re not talking about the residents. We just think that the entire town itself might be happier if it relocated to a warmer country.”

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