Isle of Wight makes preparations to hold world’s largest all nighter

All night Isle of Wight

Residents of the Isle of Wight are making preparations for what may well be the world’s largest all night rave, which is set to be held over the August bank holiday week-end.

DJ Paul Oakenfold  told us “People are finding Ibiza too expensive so we need a home grown holiday venue where young people can go and get munted. The ever forward thinking Isle of Wight people have come up trumps and agreed to transform the entire island into a night club for the bank holiday week-end.”

The event which will involve 200ft speakers strategically placed around the coastline pointing inwards, will be entirely free of charge in order to undercut the Ibiza market, and is set to attract revellers from much of Northern Europe as well as the British Isles.

Mr Oakenfold has insisted there will be plenty of room on the Island for anyone who wants to come, “In theory you could fit the entire population of the world on the Isle of Wight so there’ll be no problem getting in. The ferries and hovercraft may be a little packed so we would advise coming a day or too early. In their usual welcoming manner most Isle of Wight residents have offered their gardens up for camping, so if you bring a tent you’ll be sorted.”

Jo Whiley will be providing coverage from a big top tent somewhere near Newport where she will be wistfully musing about the evenings activities. But Jo herself told us ” Don’t bother watching it on television. Its free so you might as well just come.”

One resident told us “It’s all very exciting. We love diversity here and we certainly won’t be asking anyone to leave. If people are still dancing at the end of the week-end, we’ll just carry on.”


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