BBC announce new show “Iain Duncan Smith’s BFF”

Iain Duncan Smith's BFF

The BBC have confirmed that from September Iain Duncan Smith will be appearing in a new reality TV series set to find him a Best friend Forever or BFF.

In a promotional trailer for the show Mr Duncan Smith tells us:

“People think that after a busy day dismantling the welfare state at a greater cost to the tax payer than keeping it, I must surely spend my evenings being surrounded by groupies and bling in a manner befitting a Snoop Doggie Dogg video. Of course, that is indeed the case, but I need to make sure I have a proper bestie on hand who loves me for me, is equally as uncomfortable in a genuine social situation, and with whom I can  sit awkwardly in a pub with discussing our mutual disdain for people who have the nerve to be less privileged than ourselves.”

The show begins with 12 hopefuls for the coveted title who are required each week to perform a task set by IDS himself.  The preview hears Mr Duncan Smith saying  “I’d like you to go out and make the most disgustingly offensive generalisation about someone with a disability. This week I’d like you to angrily refuse to answer any sort of question. This week I’d like you to go and kick Owen Jones up the arse.”

“At the end of the task we throw off the contestant with the least money in their current account.”  he explained.

One contestant told us “Iain spends his life surrounded by haters who are well jell of him, so he needs a friend who he can swap fashion tips with but won’t judge him for trying to stop the winter fuel allowance for old people. Being his Best Friend Forever is my dream and I’ve got to follow it. All I can do is give it 130% and be true to myself.”

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