We’ll never ever post goals on twitter again promise all football fans

football fans


Football fans have come together to promise the Premier league that they will never ever post goals via vine on twitter again and that they are all jolly sorry that they ever did in the first place.

One sorrowful fan  told us  “We know what we have done is wrong and we’re all wracked with remorse. We should be happy to pay upwards of a grand for a season ticket plus an extortionate sports package on the TV without feeling we have to take the piss and share goals with other people on social media. After all they’re not our goals, they’re the Premier leagues goals. And we should all learn to be less selfish.”

Dan Johnson, director of communications at the Premier League, said posting goal vines was highly illegal, as was sharing the videos on websites such as Twitter, and amounted to breaking copyright laws. “We may sound like Killjoys but someone has to pay Rooney and Suarez £300,000 a week. You may have spent all your disposable income on football already but we’ll chase you for the rest through the courts. Just like they did with people who taped the top 20 off the radio in the 1980s.

Another fan told us “He’s right. I thought we were all  just having a bit of fun in our shared love for the beautiful game but when I found out it was actually a breach of copyright I felt shocked, outraged and appalled. And rather dirty.”

“And then I thought they could actually just fuck the fuck off and I’d just carry on doing it.” he added.


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