Entire town of High Wycombe arrested

police high wycombe

The entire town of High Wycombe was arrested earlier on today for reasons largely unknown but rumoured to be historic offences.

Police sources have refused to confirm details of any charges but has confirmed that a large Buckinghamshire town 29 miles Northwest of London is helping them with their enquiries.

And whilst official channels have refused to elaborate further, rumours on twitter are abound that the town seemingly used it’s kudos as Buckinghamshire’s top football team (apart from Aylesbury United in its heyday) to force itself on nearby satellite towns and villages, who feared they would not have been believed should they have spoken to the authorities.

One surrounding village that asked to remain nameless told us “We were all a bit wary of High Wycombe back in the day. It’s no secret that it thought of surrounding villages such as Princes Risborough and Chinnor as its personal playthings. And nine times out of ten it was ripped to the tits on something or other and there would be no reasoning with it. But it was different times then and interfering with settlements of a lower population wasn’t seen to be as serious in the eyes of the law as it is now.”

However, the arrests have sparked controversy on both sides and the nearby town of Rickmansworth has denounced the rumours as spurious. “If you ask me it’s all down to attention seeking little towns and villages like Beaconsfield or Chalfont St Peter tarting themselves up to get attention and spreading rumours in order to get themselves on the telly.” It told us.


  1. Well if you will have a miniature village you will be accused of tarting yourself up!

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