2015 to be longest year on record


2015 is likely to be the longest year on record according to experts.

A combination of longer days and nights that stay the same length, along with several public events that are set to drag on incessantly will serve to make 2015 7% longer than 2014 in real terms.

Whilst the extra length of 2015 means that many will enjoy a longer period before becoming numerically older, trade unions have argued that the extra time has been engineered by corporations at the expense of the workforce, and have threatened industrial action unless something is done about it. A spokesman for UNITE told us “Despite its extra length, there are no more week-ends than any other year. Which means that people will be spending more of their time working. Probably for no extra pay.”

Professor Brian Cox told us a much longer year wasn’t necessarily anything to be concerned about unless it continued to increase in length until it was twice as long.”Years have always fluctuated. It depends how quickly the earth moves round the sun. It’s got nothing to do with days and minutes.” He explained.

The shortest year on record was 1985 which led to many people putting off their plans for that year until 1986 due to constraints of time.

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