UKIP fury as creme eggs now made to strict halal recipe

creme eggs

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is said to be shocked, outraged and appalled following revelations that British chocolate maker Cadbury have chosen to make their popular creme eggs to a strict halal recipe.

Speaking to a packed press conference Mr Farage said “Quite frankly I’m shocked, outraged and appalled. I used to love a creme egg with a cup of coffee. What could be more British than that? It’s been hijacked like everything else. They’ll probably end up making my coffee halal before long and then I won’t be able to enjoy either.

“In any event, the consumption of a sugar laden egg like snack between January and May is an entirely Christian phenomenon. The Islamification of it makes a mockery of the whole thing. We must keep vaguely Easter orientated confectionery British.”

Paul Golding of Britain First said “I can’t actually taste the difference but that’s not the point. It’s one of the most popular British seasonal chocolate snacks. And they’ve buckled under pressure and made it halal. I’m going to stand in my local newsagents and shout at anyone who looks like they’re about to buy one.”

The news comes shortly after revelations that high street haberdashery Robert Dyas have in fact been selling halal garden furniture. One disappointed customer Nigel Farage told us “If you see me out in my back garden you can rest assured I’ll be standing up, or sitting straight on the lawn.”


  1. What they slit it’s throat and let the yoke run out. 🙂

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