David Cameron seen leaving Jim Davidson’s house

david cameron jim davidson

David Cameron has reportedly been seen leaving Jim Davidson’s house sparking rumours that he may be wooing the support of the popular comedian.

The support of the veteran comedian whose popularity means that he regularly fills provincial town halls and civic centres, holds such power amongst middle England that a thumbs up from him could mean every Daily mail reader in the country voting Conservative, if they’re not already doing so.

The news came as Ed Miliband was seen leaving the house of Russell Brand, sparking rumours that Cameron might wish to do the same.

A defiant Mr Cameron said “I’m not having anything to do with Russell Brand and his ridiculous comedy because running the country is not a laughing matter. However, Jim Davidson with his tales of a black man called chalky who crosses zebra crossings saying “now you see me, now you don’t” is perfectly harmless. People need to realise that we Conservatives have a sense of humour too.”

The Prime Minister was seen leaving Mr Davidson’s house at approximately 2am having arrived there at 1am.

“It was a late visit as he’d already spent most of the evening knocking on the doors of other comedians. But they weren’t in.”


  1. Bravo, sir!

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