Farage fury at Left Wing town criers

town crier

Nigel Farage has spoken today of his fury at left wing town criers who, despite not being around very much these days, are most likely pursuing some sort of Guardianista agenda and need to be banned.

Speaking to a heaving press conference sadly populated by left wing journalists who were probably hand picked by the BBC, the UKIP leader said “These news shouting oafs have been conspicuous by their absence. They should be marching around every town centre yelling out warnings of an immigration crisis from a parchment whilst ringing a bell. And under a UKIP Government they’ll have to. Or we’ll call the police.

“It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that in years gone by we had low immigration and loads of town criers. Now we have lots of immigration and all the town criers have disappeared. And that’s obviously because they’ve all gone a bit lefty. And that’s why I’m calling the police.

“These days they just turn up for historical events, parties and theatre productions. They should be in every town centre blaming everything on immigrants at the top of their voices. They’re obviously on the payroll of the BBC and Russell Brand.

“A UKIP Government are going to ban all other media so they better up their game a bit.”

The BBC have gone on record to deny paying town criers to be lefty. They have also denied hand picking the entire population of Britain apart from Thanet.

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