David Cameron suddenly a Bowie fan

cameron bowie

Pasty eating pint swilling Prime Minister, man of the people and common or garden bloke next door David Cameron, is now a huge Bowie fan, and will be lamenting the demise of the ground-breaking musician by listening to all his music for the first time.

“It’s like part of my heart has been torn away” said the Premier who will be holding his own private service for the widely acclaimed artist later on today.

“As soon as I’ve listened to more of his songs, I’ve no doubt there’ll be one or two that are going round and round in my head and part of my life will be missing.

“I was actually at his first ever concert in the 1990s. But I was probably too off my head on some pot to remember much about it.” He confided.

Mr Cameron recently hit the headlines with his moving tribute to Motorhead front man Lemmy proclaiming himself the infamous rocker’s biggest fan.

“I’m Bowie’s biggest fan instead now. I’ve had to make some difficult decisions” He explained.

Mr Cameron will be appearing along with other public figures and celebrities, on a forthcoming television programme which rather than just playing the music of Bowie, plays the first 30 seconds of many of his songs and then forces the viewer to endure them explaining it vacuously and patronisingly.




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