Londoner rents space between arse cheeks for £500 pcm

arseThe London housing market has again come under criticism following the news that a Londoner is renting the space between his arse cheeks out for £500 per calender month to one lucky tenant, subject to deposit, credit checks and references.

Described as an attractive  “tradesman’s entrance mews” property with its own underpant garden, the accommodation which is being let via Foxtons is thought to particularly benefit a single person who prefers to eat out rather than entertain at home.

George Osborne has hailed the news as a breakthrough for affordable housing in the capital.

“It’s a win win situation. For the tenant there’s no council tax yet for living in a bloke’s arse, and the landlords can literally trouser the cash. Though I’m not sure exactly what I mean by that.” He explained.

Indeed, the new dwelling is thought to be featured in the new series of Location Location Location. Presenters Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsopp told us “Bricks and mortar are a bit last decade anyway . It will of course benefit our friends, some of whom have two arses to rent out.”

The news has not been without its controversy. A spokesman for Class war who are organising a protest said “It’s gentrification. Normal working class Londoners are being priced out of living in a bloke’s sphincter and the Government are doing nothing. We’re going find this bloke’s brown tunnel and occupy it.”

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