Jerry Sadowitz to present Bake off


Comedian and Magician Jerry Sadowitz is set to host the new series  of Great British Bake off according to Channel 4 who announced yesterday that they had won the contract for the flagship cake making competition.

“There’ll be 12 contestants. We’ll get one baking cakes and the rest can suck my fucking cock.” Mr Sadowitz revealed whilst staying tight lipped regarding any other changes to the format.

“I will make Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry disappear though” the magician told us “And I might even do some magic after that.

“We will have a few judges in their place. I’m not going to reveal their identities but one can judge the cakes. And the rest can suck my fucking cock.” He confided.

Despite the secrecy regarding the show it does seem that Mr Sadowitz will not be alone in presenting the show. For those lamenting the demise of the Mel and Sue double act channel 4 have announced a co-presenter in the form of former front man of The Fall Mark E Smith.

“Victoria sponge-ah!” Mr E Smith explained.


  1. I wish this was true!

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