Bill Cosby withdraws support for Trump


Entertainer Bill Cosby has publicly withdrawn support for Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, saying that he may even vote for rival Hilary Clinton instead.

Cosby has up until now been one of Mr Trumps most staunch celebrity supporters, even throwing himself out of Trump rallies and on one occasion building a wall around himself and paying for it in attempt to painstakingly explain to Mexico in his famously patient manner, that they should do the same. However, Cosby has cited Mr Trump’s behaviour around women as a step too far.

Trump has hit back angrily calling Mr Cosby a “sanctimonious goody two-shoes.”

“Just because he sits around spouting safe humour, under his guise as prime time family favourite Doctor fucking Huxtable, it doesn’t mean he should judge me. I don’t need his support.” Mr Trump tweeted this morning.

“And if I become president, I’ll set up an enquiry into him. We’re bound to find something.” He added.

The surprise change of allegiance from Mr Cosby is thought to be the most damaging blow yet to the Trump campaign, with support from such a popular family comedian being seen as a make or break in the US election.

A smiling Hilary Clinton said “It’s good to have him onboard. My husband’s a huge fan.”

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