Queen to offer Trump British delicacy of Dog Eggs on state visit


President Trump will be invited to Buckingham Palace to savour the exquisite British dish of dog eggs when he arrives on his state visit according to sources close to the Queen.

The proposed state visit has been marred by an online petition complaining of embarrassment to her Majesty and the great expense of such a trip being funded by the tax payer. However it’s thought that the Queen herself is taking her Royal duties seriously and is looking forward to presenting the populist oligarch with gourmet fayre produced within the palace grounds.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said “She’s been out early every morning inspecting the produce laid by her own corgis. She’s notoriously fussy as to which ones make the grade.”

Indeed it is thought that Trump will be presented with a plate of now very rare white dog eggs, once common in the 1970s but now so short in supply that there will most probably not be enough for anyone else to have any.

“Queen Elizabeth began her reign when we were at war with the far right. Now she is entertaining a far right US president. It’s good that she can be so hospitable.” One courtier explained.



  1. Good idea. But your parody of a news story doesn’t work when you have “One courtier explained” as a separate sentence. “Short in supply” not quite right either. All good wishes, nevertheless.

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