Government promises affordable homes to be bought by city types and rented out


The Government has vowed to build more affordable housing which can be bought up quickly as second homes by people who work in the city.

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, said his white paper would ease the burden of the housing crisis, particularly for people who already have a house and would like another one.

“Young people love renting. Now we’ll have more houses bought by rich city types who will create another housing boom and drive the price up and create even more places to rent by people who can only afford to rent. Just a bit more expensive so it’s like buying. Generation rent are so lucky.

The move is seen as a clear step away from the Cameron-Osborne administration who instead of building new houses provided help to buy for people that could afford to buy already.

“If we’re guilty of anything it’s caring too much.” Mr Javid explained.

“We need affordable housing right now so I can buy another buy to let without sacrificing my holiday in the Seychelles.” One Surrey home owner told us.

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