UKIP to change name to United Kingdom No MP Party (UKNOMP)

douglas carswell

UKIP is to change its name to the United Kingdom No MP party or UKNOMP according to leader Paul Nuttall.

“It’s no secret we had difficulty managing our team of one MP. Now he’s out of the way we no longer have that burden. This could be a springboard for us.” Mr Nuttall explained.

However the UKNOMP leader has not ruled out some sort of coalition with the conservatives or labour in the even of a hung parliament.

“If there’s no clear winner at the next election whoever embraces our policies, whatever they are will be glad of our support with our army of no MPs whatsoever.”

Despite Mr Nuttall’s optimism regarding the future, many within the party have been critical about the party’s new policy of no MPs at all, not a solitary MP, even in Boston or Margate, not a single of iota of representation in the house of commons, having successfully alienated their one and only MP, having had one and no longer having him which now makes none.

It is commonly thought that former leader Nigel Farage may wish to return to the leadership position in order to take the party back to its heady days of one MP. As opposed to none.

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