Trump administration urges Britons to use shorter sentences on state visit

trump short sentences

A spokesman for the White House has confirmed that they have asked all UK citizens to speak in very short sentences ahead of President Trump’s state visit to Britain in October.

A leaked memo read “Whatever sentence you come up with he’s only going to hear three words which he is then going to put in a different order and add some others and use it as proof of the efficacy of his Muslim travel ban.”

“Did you hear that? There’s proof my travel ban works” Mr Trump himself added.

President Trump has denied that he has issues with listening to an entire sentence from start to finish without leaving it half way through and using the words in a completely different context.

“I went to an expensive school. I know all the sentences. I’m very good at sentences. I’m the most sentency person you will ever meet.” He tweeted this morning.

Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to condemn Mr Trump’s recent attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, caused by the fact that he didn’t listen to an entire sentence. She has also denied that speaking in short sentences in the manner of how one would address a toddler will be at all necessary on the State visit.

“Trump good president! Come here on big plane! Meet Queen! Big dinner!” She explained.

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