Undercover Police must still wear helmets

Under cover police may still be required to wear police helmets at all times according to the findings of a recent investigation into the conduct of under cover police.  Seen as heralding a new era of openness and transparency, the move comes as many people claim to have been ‘fooled’ by policemen pretending not to […]

Parents stampede to enrol their children in the best gangs

Almost half of England’s school districts have more potential gang members  than gang places  according to the latest figures released by the Local Government Association this morning. David Simmonds of the LGA told us  “Mums and dads want to know that there’s a good quality gang in their neighbourhood where their children can tool themselves up […]

Middle classes break into Victorian prisons in buy to let frenzy

Prison inmates have pleaded for greater security as the imminent closure of many Victorian style prisons has caused a Buy to let frenzy amongst middle class investors. Many prisoners have reported break ins in their cells and being woken up at night by smug looking city types with tape measures, more often than not applying […]