Kim Jong Un “We’ll stop if Danny Dyer stops making films”

Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un has signaled that he may be prepared to cease all threats of launching a nuclear attack on South Korea or the USA on the proviso that cockney geyser thespian Danny Dyer ceases making his shit films immediately. Close friend and confidant George Galloway told us “It’s no […]

USA threaten North Korea with new Rocky film

The United States have warned North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to cease his nuclear program immediately or they will have no option but to launch a new Rocky film. The last time a Rocky Film was used aggressively by America was in the 1980s when a pretend bout between Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren successfully […]

World leaders jealous of Kim Jong-Un’s birthday rocket

World leaders have today been united in their resentment of Kim Jong-Un’s birthday treat from his government, a Unha-3 rocket, launched at 09:49 local time (00:49 GMT), which appears to have followed its planned trajectory, whilst dropping all manner of shit in expected areas. In a televised statement issued by the Korean central News Agency, […]