Government accused of favouritism towards hard working people

cameron hard working

The Government have today been accused today of pandering to the wishes of hard working people. Speaking at a press conference this morning shouty number cruncher Eddie Balls warned that hard working people would not longer be able to expect an easy ride under a Labour administration.

“First it was the bankers, then politicians, now it’s hard working people getting all the money and we have to end this gravy train.  If we cap hard working people’s wages at the same as an average person with eight children on benefits it would be a much fairer system.”

Bert Onions of the National Association of People with Cushy Jobs told us “We’re fed up with hate filled attacks from people that work twice as many hours for less money.  It’s about time the Government turned their attention to our plight or lack of it.”

“I vote as well but I choose to turn up for work late, spend the morning updating my Facebook profile and the afternoon sending emails to people explaining that I can’t do whatever I have been asked to do as it is not in my job description. In any event hard working people are boring and if this favouritism towards them carries on I’ll be voting with my feet. Assuming I can be arsed to go to the poling station.”

Nigel Fararage has courted controversy with his suggestions that people who aren’t afraid of getting up in the morning and doing a proper days graft are actually the cause of many of Britian’s issues.  “Most of these hard working people are foreigners. A UKIP Government will be fighting the cause of a man who sits around all day in his string vest and pants. And probably has a fridge in his front garden.”

One hard working person we spoke to said “I’m not actually sure that I do benefit that much. But the amount David Cameron says he’s going to help me out financially there must be a huge cheque in the post, otherwise it would all be lies.”

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