Michael Gove performs NWA rap

Gove rapping

The Conservative party have now cemented their reputation as the Gangsta rap party as pupils from six schools from across the country were yesterday given the opportunity to interview a very blinged up Secretary of State for Education and the Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath Michael Gove. As part of the highly publicised BBC News School Report Mr Gove  also posed for a gun toting selfie on the day.

In an interview that has now gone viral Mr Gove said “I love rap. Especially ‘P did he didn’t he’ and that  Icey cube. In actual fact after a parliamentary session I frequently like to go looking for the bitches with the big butts” he explained.

To a surprisingly competent bit of human beatboxing from Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles, Mr Gove went on to rap:

“I’m slicing Head Teachers like a pound of bacon. The motherfucking politician that’s bad. With a tendency to get mad as fuck. OFSTED is the tool. Don’t make me act a mothafucking fool”

However anyone concerned about being the victim of a drive by shooting or being sexed into a gang by Mr Gove can apparently rest easy.

A parliamentary insider assured us “He’s not gone completely gangsta. When he says gangbanging he really means paying a man to paint his shed”

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