Cameron “Young people should learn to live on their trust funds”

cameron trust funds

Young people should become less reliant on benefits and learn to live on their trust funds according to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Speaking at the Conservative party conference the premier explained “We need to stop the cycle of young people leaving school and claiming benefits when they could merely tap into their trust funds like we had to. But sadly they seem to want it handed to them on a plate.”

“You didn’t see George, Boris  and I claiming benefits left right and centre. Obviously we had our accommodation paid for and an account with a local restaurant but if we wanted any more, we had to either work for it or rely on the significant funds already placed in our bank accounts. Each young person should ask themselves ‘Do I need to claim benefits or can I make do with that 4k a month that I get from my parents, at least until such time as they get me a job in politics or banking?’ Britain’s youth need to stand on their own two feet like we had to.”

UKIP leader and former public schoolboy and city trader Nigel Farage said “I’m with David on this. I lived entirely on my trust fund before I got a job in the city. And that’s exactly why I’m the breath of fresh air that Britain needs.”

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