Avid Merrion withdraws Jeremy Clarkson character

jeremy Clarkson avid merrion

Avid Merrion has confirmed that he will be withdrawing his character of Jeremy Clarkson with immediate effect and will now stick to entertaining the nation with his less offensive characters such as the small bear that keeps showing his penis.

In a situation not dissimilar from the termination of the Dapper Laughs character last year, the post ironic characterisation of a desperate middle aged man stuck permanently in a 1980’s representation of colonial Britain failed to capture the hearts of many Britons, an issue not helped by the fact that many thought he was an actual person.

A contrite Mr Merrion told a heaving press conference outside the BBC this morning “It was all supposed to be a joke but unfortunately some people actually thought he was real. So I can assure you that the Clarkson mask and suit will be staying firmly in the attic unless ITV want it.”

Mr Merrion is suspected of being only one of a number of comedic actors who played Clarkson over the 78 series of Top Gear, a little bit like the Stig. Others who played Clarkson at different times are thought to include Ronnie Corbett and Lenny Henry.

It’s thought that Mr Merrion will continue to present Top Gear but under his slightly less controversial persona Chris Evans.

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