Prince Charles’ letters reveal hatred of short people

prince charles letters

Many of Prince Charles’ letters to the Government reveal a deep routed hatred of short people it has emerged after a ruling passed today by the supreme court means that now anyone can actually read the letters as long as they do so respectfully and promise not to laugh.

One letter to the then Prime Minister Tony Blair apparently complains that his Labour Government had allowed people of below average height to run amok with positive discrimination having gone too far.

“You can’t often see them at eye level but if you then pat them on the head and call them sonny Jim then apparently that’s wrong as well.” one excerpt read.

The Prince also took great exception to Home Secretary Jack Straw being in the cabinet pleading with Mr Blair to find a loftier replacement saying:

“Jack straw is tiny and on television he looks no larger than a mole. I can’t imagine him ever changing light bulbs or taking things down from shelves.I must insist you remove him from any position of authority”

Though the Palace have remained tight lipped about the letters, one source told us that the Prince was indeed vehemently opposed to people being below 5 foot 9 and felt they had a moral obligation to cure themselves through homeopathy.

“He was most upset that his sons were so small as toddlers but cheered up immensely when he realised they were going to get taller as they became older.” We were told.

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