Danny Alexander celebrates his 21st birthday

Danny Alexander 21st

The Easter week-end has been a time for double celebration for ginger Lib Dem Danny Alexander as the Chief Secretary to the treasury was also celebrating his 21st birthday. Mr Alexander is thought to have toasted his 21st with a select group of friends of a similar age before bringing the festivities to an early end due to a long day campaigning planned for the following day.

The precocious young statesman first hit the headlines in 2010 when in addition to becoming Britain’s youngest MP at only 16, he was immediately given a front-bench Minister’s position due to the unlikely event which saw the Lib Dems helping form a Government. The following five years were shrouded in secrecy in terms of the exact relationship between his more experienced Tory peers and himself but Mr Alexander has now revealed that the Conservative Party had been up to all sorts and once tried to stop anyone eating sweets except themselves.

The probable demise of the entire Lib Dem Party on May 7th is perhaps a blessing in disguise for the youthful politician as Mr Alexander, who still lives at home with his parents, has expressed regret that he did not stay on at school to do A-levels and would one day even like to experience student life at a University. He has also voiced a desire to take a year off and maybe go to Thailand or work on a kibbutz.

One Lib Dem insider said “He’s got his whole life ahead of him.”

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