Swiss Family Robinson cross Syrian Border

swiss family robinson isis

1960’s TV desert island castaways the Swiss Family Robinson are understood to have crossed the border in to Syria, in an alarming trend of fictional characters from the west leaving their relatively safe plot lines to join Islamic State.

One expert told us that whilst the reasons for their trip were largely unknown he was still going to try and talk about it in a knowledgeable fashion.

“It could be that just like in their book, film and subsequent TV series where the family learn valuable lessons based on Christian teachings and seek to try and convert ISIS members. Or it could just be that they’ve become radicalised themselves. They’ve been stuck on a desert island for decades now and to be honest nobody has really been keeping an eye on them.”

The news will prove an embarrassment for Home Secretary Theresa May who failed to prevent the entire cast of 1970s childrens’ series The Double Deckers from entering Syria under the guise of having one of their weekly adventures on a double decker London bus.

“If they think they’ll just be clowning around having adventures every week, with sporadic sped up comedy action scenes with music in the background, without upsetting any jihadists then they’re going to be in for a big surprise. Though there is also a chance that they themselves have been radicalised. No-one has really been keeping an eye on them either.” She explained.

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