BBC “molested other channels”

bbc molesting

The BBC used its influence as Britain’s most senior television channel to molest other TV channels over several decades, according to results of an inquiry released today.

One industry source told us “It was all a picture of decency until the end of the day’s programmes. There was a quick round of God Save the Queen and then all sorts went on behind the test card.

From 1955 until the 1980s most of this unwanted attention was seemingly directed at ITV, which managed to show its own schedule whilst being constantly being goosed by the BBC behind the scenes.

“It was different times then.” Our source explained.

With the onset of cable TV in the 1990s, and both BBC1 and BBC2 apparently working together, the situation became dramatically worse. No-one in the general public was prepared to accept that a broadcaster who churned out things like Countryfile and the Antiques Roadshow could ever be capable of such things.

Impressionable young channels like UK Living and Dave were understood to be awestruck at the time and felt unable to refuse. Afterwards they  felt no-one would believe that they’d been molested by a respectable publicly owned entertainment corporation. Especially after the History Channel having been told it’s accusations were nothing more than just wishful thinking.

A spokesman for the BBC has denied any impropriety apart from during the entire 1970s.

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